Results of the last contest

Date: December, 30th (every year)
To work: all, every station once per category
Categories: A – 80m (SSB),
  B – 80m (CW),
  C – 2 m (SSB/CW/FM),
  D – SWL (only non-licensed (DE))
Time (UTC): 2m: 13.00-14.30 UTC
80m SSB: 15.00-17.00 UTC
  80m CW: 17.00-18.00 UTC
Call: CQ DSW
Exchange: DSW-Member: RS(T) + DSW#
Paddle-owner (Non-DSW-member): RS(T) + Paddle#
other stations: RS(T)
on UHF additional:  + Locator
QSO-points: 80m: a. every DSW-member: 3 points
          b. every paddle (without DSW#): 2 points
          c. all other: 1 point
          d. DA0LHT, DF0DSW, DK0DSW, DL0DSW: 5 points
  2m:   1 point per kilometer (QSO over repeater are not allowed)
Multiplier: every DSW member 1 point
  on UHF additional per square (p.e. JO44): 1 point
Score: QSO–points x Sum of all Multipliers
SWL: only QSOs with complete number exchange,
every station call may only be logged 10 times per category.
Scoring: 2 points for every complete logged QSO,
Multiplier = every DSW member.
Logs: Logs per category with final-score.
On a club station neither the club call or the personal call is valid.
Head: Name and Address, Callsign, DSW# or Paddle#, Category, on UHF also Locator.
Columns: Date, UTC, Band, Mode, Call, Exchange, QSO-points, Multiplier.
Final-score, Signature.
Honors: Plaques for the winner of every category,
Certificates for the 2nd and 3rd,
Memory QSL for all participants.
The right to special honors is reserved.
Awards: If you fullfill the conditions for one or more awards of the DSW-Award-programm with your log, you may request these awards too.
Log deadline:
Contest manager:
please send the complete log until January, 15th (Date of Postmark) of the following year to:
Hans-Martin Strycker, DL9HCO, Alte Landstrasse 57 A, D-22962 Siek
per e-mail to: dl9hco@darc.de
  Later incoming Log is rated as checklog, insufficiently franked transmissions are not accepted.
  Sample Log and DSW-Member-lists for Postage+SAL by DL9HCO (or look at "Downloads")
  Result lists for SASE by DL9HCO.